The Arcadian Alumni Association welcomes you to the continuation of our brotherhood after graduation.  Our goal is to maintain the strong bond we created at Hope College, and connect with alumni from many generations that share the same core values of; Service, Love, and Wisdom.  We want to support our fraternity, college, and community through networking, college wide events (both academic and social), and reconnect alumni from all generations.  We have established a 501(c)7 non-profit to operate as a legal entity to facilitate these activities. 


Your dues will not be tax deductible, however, we are including a new Arcadian Shield Pin with your paid dues.  This is a $35.00 value, and will also be available for purchase for $50.00 including S&H.  

Alumni (5+ years)
1 Year: $150.00
2 Years: $250.00 ($125.00 / year)
3 Years: $330.00 ($110.00 / year)
4+ Years: $100.00 / year


Number of Years One Year $50.00 USD Three Years $105.00 USD Five Years $175.00 USD


Recent Alumni (1-5 years)
1 Year: $50.00
2 Years: $80.00 ($40.00 / year)
3-5 Years paid in advance: $35.00 / year



Number of Years Two Years $250.00 USD Four Years $400.00 USD Lifetime $2,000.00 USD

Arcadian Alumni Association