Arcadian Alumni from many generations have been actively engaging in conversations and proactively developing the Arcadian Alumni Association for many years.  In October 2015, we formerly created a 501(c)7 to carry out our mission.

The purpose of the Arcadian Alumni Association is to actively engage alumni members of the Arcadian Fraternity by promoting brotherhood and the mission of the Arcadian Fraternity through support of all living members of the Arcadian Fraternity and the community at large at Hope College in Holland, Michigan.

We will promote the interest and welfare of the Arcadian Fraternity as an institution devoted to high ideals of service, love and wisdom. The Alumni Association is a vehicle to serve as a continuing factor of the Arcadian Fraternity in the lives of alumni brothers no longer actively enrolled as students at Hope College.

The Active Fraternity benefits by having a formal legal entity to serve as a bond between all members of the Arcadian Fraternity, particularly between the alumni of the Arcadian Fraternity and the actives of the Arcadian Fraternity.

Lastly, the Arcadian Alumni Association will proudly sponsor activities designed to promote the interest of all members of the Arcadian Fraternity. These events will be designed to benefit both the college and the community.


Arcadian Alumni Association

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Chi Phi Sigma.

Cresius Philia Sophia. 

Service, Love, Wisdom.

We are pleased to welcome 16 new Arcadians into our fraternity in the Spring of 2022.

Details on our new brothers will be coming shortly and will be posted on our Facebook page and here as well.

Arcadian Events
Spring 2022 Dance Marathon Fundraiser
Spring 2022  75th Anniversary Dinner, Alumni Catch Up
​Spring 2022 Golf Outing Date TBD